Paris NightLife Concerts Entertainment Feature News
Paris NightLife Concerts Entertainment-Feature News
Paris, France is alive with music representing the great diverse cultural landscape of both Europe and th world.  Paris, France was one the first in Europe to obtain major urban theater presence since the fall of The Roman Empire.  In Paris, France when you mention art, then you discovered that in Paris art is like the very air in which the Parisian breath - its that important.  Paris, France is also the center headquarters of a major global wine producing location and in Paris this is reflected in a major presence of night cubs, lounges, cafe's and cabarets.  In Paris, France it is the French which taught the world how to dine, and most importantly, or not, for world cultural habits, with a spoon, fork, and knive, along with napkins and the best food ever discovered by any human being who ever lived.  It is in Paris, France where Louis XIV founded The Paris Opera, is the birth place of the Ballet and social dance of today.  Once you mention the two words, Paris, France the immediate conscious word assication the world has is FASHIONS - thanks again to Louis XIV.
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Paris, France NightLife Concerts Entertainment Feature News

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    New York City has a sociocultural / socioeconomic norm. If its trendy - the it will happen in New York City.
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    The Original Trendetter: King Louis XIV
    Get ready for an eye-opnner.
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